[NKSD-06] 学用患者 vol.4 私の体はどこも悪くない 春妃いぶき

Format: WMV (VC-1+WMA, 800x450, 3000 kbps)
Length: 112 min
Size: 2474.90 MB


1 comment to [NKSD-06] 学用患者 vol.4 私の体はどこも悪くない 春妃いぶき

  • 七咲楓花

    What I've to say about this one. I was waiting for this 'cause I wasn't able to find it anywhere. So, thanks! (/^▽^)/

    The vids: The cockroachs part, at the beginning, it's so disgusting (I haven't been able to watch it), but after that, everything is as well as have to be ...maybe (immediately and for sure^^) I cut the disgusting part off (5min). FFmpeg is a good friend for cases like these! ^_^

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