[DXDB-027] 極限拷問ベスト 佳苗るか 未公開映像含む240分

Update Notes
2016-04-11: first version
2016-07-17: quality update [from (WMV/VC-1+WMA, 852x480, 5000 kbps) to (WMV/VC-1+WMA, 1920x1080, 6000 kbps)]

Format: WMV (VC-1+WMA, 852x480, 5000 kbps)
Length: 238 min
Size: 10580.36 MB


7 comments to [DXDB-027] 極限拷問ベスト 佳苗るか 未公開映像含む240分

  • theydonotwant


    I accidentally find out this title translated as "Including Extreme Torture Best Kanae Luke Unpublished Video"

    Next time, if these are "unpublished scenes", please notice at the title, by English. I'm really interested at those.

    Thank you very much.

    • シェア

      Put translated words to the title isn't our policy but we might add something in post contents in order to let you guys know.
      Sometimes the phrase "未公開" only appears on cover images and we don't notice them.
      I reviewed all covers and found these best collections contain unpublished/original videos:
      DBEB-001, DBEB-002, DBEB-004, DBEB-020, DBEB-024, DBEB-026, DBEB-028, DBEB-029, DBEB-041, DXSM-001, DXUA-001

  • AAR

    谢谢你们,某高清网站已经不行了。 我所知的就剩你们这片沙漠中的绿洲了。
    我也很喜欢ruka chan,谢谢你们连这个骗钱之作也买下来了。

  • s


    Would you please to provide the CRC32 of the nine parts? It seems that one of the files I downloaded is broken and I need the CRC32 to check.

    Thank you very much for the great work.

    • シェア

      e7fb54ba DXDB-027-SD.part01.rar
      40747cee DXDB-027-SD.part02.rar
      3804420f DXDB-027-SD.part03.rar
      cd2e2335 DXDB-027-SD.part04.rar
      14c2f805 DXDB-027-SD.part05.rar
      c39c5349 DXDB-027-SD.part06.rar
      6d62e693 DXDB-027-SD.part07.rar
      77d5fb2c DXDB-027-SD.part08.rar
      70df472a DXDB-027-SD.part09.rar

      BTW, we always put 3% recovery records (a.k.a. rr3%) to all RAR archivers. You might be able to fix it via the repair function of WinRAR. rr3% is usually enough to fix the file corrpution due to unstable connections. After performing the repair function, you will see some files whose names are beginning with "fixed." prefix; it means it's fixed successful. If the prefix is "rebuilt.", don't use it because it's not completely fixed; you should re-download the part.

  • ABC

    Hello,could you tell me what is the password?

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