[DXHK-014] SUPER JUICY はま KURI 栗 ~美少女戦士拷問哀歌~ 第十四幕 佳苗るか

Update Notes
2015-07-12: first version
2016-07-29: quality update [from (WMV/VC-1+WMA, 852x480, 5000 kbps) to (WMV/VC-1+WMA, 1920x1080, 6000 kbps)]

Format: WMV (VC-1+WMA, 1920x1080, 6000 kbps)
Length: 126 min
Size: 5597.97 MB

援交グループ「Sweet Angels」の幹部メンバー「るか」は今日も中年おやじに薬を盛り寝かした間に財布を抜き取り小遣い稼ぎをしていた。

22 comments to [DXHK-014] SUPER JUICY はま KURI 栗 ~美少女戦士拷問哀歌~ 第十四幕 佳苗るか

  • Tom

    I see that the video is no longer 1080p HD, kind of sad though expected. However, the size of the video is not much less than before when the video resolution is less than half?

    • シェア

      In fact, 6000kbps is not enough for 1080p, but the major online shop chose it for both 720p and 1080p. DVD is 480i, and its bitrate is usually 4000 ~ 8000kbps in average, so 5000kbps is reasonable for 480p though VC-1 is better than MPEG-2. It should be the reason that the official site decided to do so. I think it can be smaller, but you should re-encode it by using x264 or x265 instead of VC-1.

  • theydonotwant

    So the low quality trend finally begins

    Anyway, I always cut and convert videos to 480x320@800kbps so it doesn't matter lol

    • シェア

      5000kbps SD video isn't low. It's still high and better than DVD.

      • theydonotwant

        That's true 6-7 years ago, when FullHD is not popular. Nowaday we have 24" 1080p screen and DVD resolution will become blurry, no matter how many bitrates it has. Actually, with same file size and bitrate above 2-3000kbps, a high resolution video is much more watchable.

        • シェア

          High resolution requires high bitrate, or you can see a lot of blocks in high motion scenes. When playing a SD video with a Full HD monitor, you have to choose a better renderer, such as madVR. As long as the bitrate of your SD source is high enough, its resize algorithm can do a good job for you. At least you won't see that shaking tits become polygon objects.

          We still consider the screen capture solution, but the output of the official player is awlful. Recording it may result in lower quality.

  • coolman

    We should appreciate シェア and his team to share new movies. In the future, this may the highest quality video format available (unless "the major online shop" fixes its player).

    No offence, but for someone who always watches videos in 480x320 to say this is a low quality, is not appropriate. (I mean come on, take a look at the recent jav quality, after yipman gone if I can get 852x480 5000kbps for all new movies, I am more than happy).

    I have compared the miracleorgasm format long time ago (since DXHK001 HD made me wait too long), it is not that bad. The very recent baby's are 1080p, so there may be a larger difference but still, 852x480 5000kbps is not bad.

    I have tried many ways to improve my movie experience. And like what シェア said, I think madvr is the best if you have a decent GPU.

    • シェア

      Because our team was dismissed in the end of June and we have spend over 800,000 JPY on saving all interested contents from the major online shop, we are unable to buy the latest Baby videos in the following 3 months, but it's still possible to buy them when they become older (cheaper). This one is a test so that we can know its quality. However, we can collect them if we can find them in a private tracker; sometimes their uploaders post some Baby videos downloaded from a private forum -- some of our Baby videos were from there. According to that uploader, that forum is going to do the screen capturing, but the size is much larger than before and the video contains slight color distortion. In addition, they will add a short advertisement in the beginning of each video and a small watermark in the whole video. I guess it will be still 1080p. We won't do anything to hide those advertisements and watermarks in order to respect their efforts.

      Since the contents stored in our local storage were grown from ~60TB to ~80TB in recent months, our site won't be closed so earily. Our founder intends to share most of them before closing this site, and we still have four people remained here.

      • coolman

        What a great effort! Wow 800,000 JRY and 20 TB (I stopped collecting in mid June since I was so tired...)! I am very excited to hear that there is still a possibility for 1080p. Hopefully we can still get some quality baby movies in the future.

        Not sure if it is just me or why the major online shop player sucks so much. The videos look strange to me, I guess it is dropping frames. It feels so lag if you get what I mean. I have tried on a different PC with a strong GPU, but the problem remains.

        Anyway, thanks again for sharing great movies (even the team was dismissed). I think many of us will agree that the movies you guys shared really match our taste.

        • シェア

          It's the reason that we don't want to record such a hell.

          Besides, you could come to http://tinyurl.com/ossgx6r to find their official support account. He is replying some questions regarding the player issue, but it's likely he cannot reproduce this issue, while other people can. It's so strange.

  • Shinn

    Hi, can I request for CORE-041 ? Thanks.

    • シェア

      It's too late. If you had let us know this one before the end of June, we might be able to do it. Unfortunately, we were busy then and didn't notice this one.
      BTW, the last video that we have collected is CORE-038.

    • theydonotwant

      I have just downloaded CORE-042, a screen capture product. Quality is shitty. Lagging framerate, a lot of rectangular,..

  • wxy

    can you upload core-041 and vicd-303 ?
    thank you

  • rc21

    when are you going to upload next baby movie. please upload it quickly

  • theydonotwant

    wow that's a long time

  • aaa


  • acces

    when are you going to upload next baby movie. please upload it quickly
    thank you

  • magic finger

    thank you for your effort.
    hope i can see the latest baby movie soon. especially investigator things.

  • rc21

    when are you uploading next baby movie? you said your going to upload in october.

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