[DVCR-002] 秘穴炎上完全拘束昇天地獄 ファイナル・クリムゾン episode-02 神秘の能力を隠し持つ女体は 恐るべき絶頂極天に狂い哭く

Our founder decides to let young members update new resources on the new website: https://javf.h-era.org/. The current website will become half-frozen and only collect our favorite resources from the new website. That new website is operated by a new team, and the new team doesn't handle any kinds of requests, involving re-uploading requests. It means you will lose the chance to get your favorite resources if you won't be able to download them in time. However, we still handle re-uploading requests for the resources collected by us here. Some webmasters also mirror our resources, and you may get a second chance by asking them to re-upload those resources.

In addition, the new team doesn't post detailed information there. Instead, next generation of thumbnails are posted. The thumbnail format is WebP. You could treat it as an advanced version of GIF and APNG. Old browsers and iOS browsers don't support it. Please upgrade your browsers if you want to view those thumbnails.

Format: WMV (VC-1+WMA, 1920x1080, 6000 kbps)
Length: 134 min
Size: 5973.77 MB
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